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The Warrior Woman Spirit campaign was created to honor women and to reach arms around the world, to awaken, to enlighten and to embrace sisters of the Earth. Through this campaign, we will strengthen our purpose and our dream to tell the story of Sacajawea through the epic feature film, Sacajawea, The Windcatcher. 

This is an important story because Sacajawea was one of the many lost, stolen and abused Indigenous young women from the Ages. She has come to us in our time because these women are still being taken, and many are being murdered. We must never forget them.

We ask you to share your stories with us so your experiences and wisdom can be a beacon of hope for women everywhere. Just connect with us through our CONTACT PAGE.

You can read these stories on our POWERFUL STORIES page. Please SHARE these posts on all your social media. Let us seek to make a difference, let us give a voice to Sacajawea so her message of Love, Peace & Oneness can be received through this epic production! 

Sacajawea carries mankind on her shoulders.
(concept artwork by Marcia K. Moore)

This website is not political in any way and does not endorse any ideology or theology. We are committed to lifting women from all around the world, with every belief, every color, every ethnicity, every passion, every orientation, every heart determined to bring love to the conversation. Women, united, as part of the “Infinite One,” through the Spirit of Sacajawea.