Share Her Love

“Embrace the world with love words and the world will be changed.” ~ Spirit Wind

Sacajawea has gone to great lengths to infiltrate our lives with a message of Love. Once we “see” and “hear” we are each called to share what we’ve learned with others. Our words and actions have a great effect on those around us.

We have brought together some of the words and artwork we have been given over the years and applied them to everyday items like T-shirts and coffee mugs. But, living life in “Spirit’s Light” is far greater than just wearing a T-shirt. These items are only one way to show the world there is something magical within us.

We are committed to contributing profits from these items to the programs we are developing around Sacajawea’s story and her ultimate purpose – to awaken us to Love, Peace and Oneness in the world and respect for our Earth.

Thank you, so very much, for supporting this enormous effort. Thank you for walking with us and sharing her love from the Ages.

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As the Holidays approach, we believe children will benefit greatly from Sacajawea’s message of love in the children’s picture book The Grass Maiden, Sacajawea. This book and accompanying items will make a wonderful gift and bring a smile to your child’s face!

Our Sacajawea Holiday Package includes: the autographed book, a coloring book and crayons, a poster, an EXPLORER Certificate and a huggable, lovable soft hand-made doll of Sacajawea. For added fun, your child will receive a specially-wrapped “MYSTERY SURPRISE GIFT,” included! Girls or Boys will love this!

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