Choose Change

Scene Description from the screenplay, Sacajawea, The Windcatcher —  It’s 1800, at the Missouri River headwaters. In the evening, a harrowing scene erupts when Hidatsa warriors attack the village. Terrified women and children run toward the river and cottonwood trees. Within moments, Boinair (Sacajawea) and other children are trapped and brutally kidnapped. They walk all night, and by dawn the girl finds herself far away from home, in the mountains, heading toward the rising sun… The warriors are cruel and threatening, abusive to their captives. As a 12 year old girl, Boinair is vulnerable, lost and alone – longing for a protector. But, when she least expects it, White Eagle, the Hidatsa chief, chooses to step in…

In Sacajawea’s story, White Eagle rises to a higher place. Even though he just kidnapped Boinair, he recognizes her powerful energy and, as Chief, honors her with a Hidatsa name, Sacag(j)awea – Bird Woman. It is a name that reflects how he sees Nature interacting with her unique spirit.


Later, White Eagle has an opportunity to shield Sacajawea in other ways, even protecting and returning a special gift she thought was lost. What seems to us a horror, one tribe taking children from another, we cannot fully discern or judge why they did what they did at that time. But, what we are able to understand through the characters of this film, is how humanity can decide to walk in the Light, despite cultural differences and beliefs.

We are in the midst of a most harrowing situation in our country, and around the world. There are stories that make us cry for those who have died and those who have lost loved ones. Our hearts ache for the ER nurse who felt she couldn’t go on, and the talented young person with an outstanding career ahead, who helplessly succumbed to this enemy.

But, along with the sorrow, as with Sacajawea when she was torn away from her family, we each have an enormous opportunity. We have choices to make, we have a new purpose we didn’t expect. Indeed, the entire world has been shaken up and we have a chance to make things different for the future. Sacajawea did not know she would change our world today, but she has in so many ways. And, we can change our world for tomorrow.

This is The Ultimate message for us: Let us embrace Love, Humility, Courage, Honesty, Respect, Wisdom and Truth. What greater time to acknowledge our humanity, than when Humanity is open to receive?

Be Safe, but Be Present.

Be Smart, but Be Open.

Be Mindful, but Be Willing.

Be Careful, but Be Awake.

Stay well,

~ Spirit Wind

~ Descriptions and content from Sacajawea, The Windcatcher, are protected under a copyright from the U.S. Copyright Office and the Writer’s Guild of America/west.

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