Breaking Beyond

“White buffalo calf woman appeared from the north as a beautiful, young woman dressed in a brilliant white dress to give the tribe the sacred pipe and rituals which form the basis of their religion. She also took the form of a sacred white buffalo calf. When she left the tribe, she told them that she will come back in the future.”

Chief Tatanka (Sitting Bull)

SuffolkStar (social media name), I have been very fortunate in how I was brought up with a good education and childhood, though it was strict, at times. This was a challenge, however, when I thought I had met the man of my dreams. We spent ten years together. But, sadly, he lost his way and became violent and dangerous.

I experienced domestic abuse and my little dog witnessed the entire events that unfolded. I was strangled and hit many times, but it all came to a massive end when he forced me, while driving, sending my car off the road. It flipped upside down, and I ended up in the hospital with multiple injuries and fractures. I barely recovered, and was lucky to survive.

Then, the subsequent court case followed. Over the last two years, I have been rebuilding my life and I was left to live in a caravan (trailer). The brutal weather hit me hard, as the insufficient, very basic living conditions took their toll. Even now, my journey is far from over. I only got into a normal, brick and mortar home this last January (2019).

Author copyright used with permission

At the same time this was happening, a dear friend collapsed suddenly. I ended up performing CPR. But, sadly, they couldn’t be saved and passed away with me by their side. It was incredibly hard but I did all I could and I was thankful I had been there. After the funeral and supporting the family I had to carry on with my moving home and continuing to rebuild.

In May, this year, my ex-partner will end his sentence. I hope to finally be free and continue to make my life better. I have been incredibly blessed by the local people around me. They have been amazing and they’ve just blown me away with all they have done for me, and continue to do. Every day I am grateful and know I am lucky to have them, and to be alive.

Breaking free of a bad situation really is the best thing I can advise. I know it’s hard, but all I can say is I hope my story can help others. During my journey, I have been inspired to support and guide those who have experienced similar scenarios as mine. My passion in life is to help others through light and love, to contribute and make a difference any way I can – even though I’ve been left with lifelong health issues. I won’t ever fully recover, but I hope by sharing my story others will feel inspired.

Through my life’s journey, here is the wisdom I have taken to heart: to be stronger in self-decisions, to listen more, to be calm, to regain trust and confidence in a better way that helps me grow within… and, mostly, to always let my light shine.

Author copyright used with permission

Like Sacajawea’s story, we, as women, can grow stronger in our brilliant truth for all to see. Out of respect and honor, I remember the White Buffalo Calf Woman story and legend, as it relates to now. And as we claim it, we live through our Warrior Woman Spirit. Love and Light to you all and continue to let your light shine for all to see, no matter what you are enduring.

In Truth, 


3 thoughts on “Breaking Beyond

  1. Thankyou so much for the kind words and you are so right I hope to guide and inspire others to build and refund themselves through my journey many blessings to you


  2. Thank you for sharing your story with us here. Our decisions to better our lives is not always easy, but in time, we learn to heal, and reflect on where our journey has taken us. It is vital to break through our fear barriers and carry on like a true warrior. Bless you in your like, we are all here to support one another. One Mind, One Heart.
    Natalie Sunflower


    1. Thankyou for the kind words and so true in every way I hope to inspire guide and help others now all I can in faith light and love.
      Many blessings


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