Transition Higher


Scene Description from the screenplay, Sacajawea The Windcatcher —  It is 1800, and Boinair (Sacajawea) is 12 years old. It is Shoshone tradition that she transition into adulthood, even though she’s still a child. As our story begins, we first see her alone in a small tipi overpowered by the majestic wilderness, yet she’s brave and unshaken…a small girl singing the songs of the grandmothers, burning the sacred elements in belief. An eagle waits, guarding from the treetops as the sacred fire warms her from within. By faith, she knows the smoke will carry her prayers from her heart to Spirit, preparing for life’s journey. A magnificent journey that, at this point, only Destiny understands…

As with life, our paths take us down many roads, some unexpected and painful. Sacajawea’s story shows us how her life was no different. At 12 years old, her future seemed bright, she had a betrothed to spend the rest of her life with and she was to be taught and guided by the women of her tribe – but suddenly, she was ripped away.

Though Sacajawea experienced horrific trauma, she was still able to become a giver-of-life, a nurturer, a keeper of the sacred fire and a healer. Literally, it is from her character, her willingness to share knowledge and herself, and her love for her child that we’ve remembered her for over 200 years.

A feather cloud leads us.
Heart rocks from the journey.

If we listen and believe, if we journey without fear, even though we don’t know everything, we will see something and transition to a higher place. Nature is ours, to guide us, as it was for Sacajawea. A cloud-message in the sky, heart rocks along the path, bird feathers that fall as we pass, voices of the wind through the trees, a person with the exact right words… all so easily missed, if we aren’t open and expecting the Miracles.

The journey of life is a series of light and dark that allows us to become greater within our human self. We can see that “Destiny” has a mystical plan, though we may be walking it without knowing what it is. But, just as Sacajawea rose up, walked forward and listened to her heart’s Call — so can we today. We’re never too old to transition to a higher Calling. We just need to Claim it, Believe it, Become it, Cherish it and Be Grateful for it – for that is what will lead us to ignite Love in the world. #warriorwomanspirit

Spirit Wind

~ Descriptions and content from Sacajawea, The Windcatcher, are protected under a copyright from the U.S. Copyright Office and the Writer’s Guild of America/west.

One thought on “Transition Higher

  1. Never too old to transition, definitely…
    She loved her children, and her daughter loved her back even though they did not have much time to know each other before Sacajawea decided to wear the sky feather in her newly etheric hair… She is happy and smiles at your beauty and spirit ❤


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