What I Love About My Daughters

“Our daughters are the most precious of our treasures, the dearest possessions of our homes and the objects of our most watchful love.” 

 Margaret E. Sangster

Empress Empowerment Coaching (https://empress-empowerment-coaching.nl), Tina De Keyzer-van Bruggen‘s interview with Monique (Moya) Wijngaarde-Bekema (July 13, 2021)

Tina: Why are your daughters so special?

Monique: What I find so special about them is that they all three have become social people. Each in their own way, with their own skills and expertise, they have given back to their fellow humans and animals.

Lendie (33) did an All-Around Hairdresser study and she also completed a Social Care study. Like me, she (seemingly) shows her caring heart, because she is often contacted by people around her who are in crisis. Despite her own health problems and her daughter’s health problems, she is always open to listen to others’ stories or help them with advice.


Linah (29) studied for a career in Fashion Design, and she also completed a Make-up Artist study for which she developed training in Medical Make-up. In addition to make-up, she also teaches customers about certain skin-related situations. For example, if someone has a port-wine stain on the face, she advises on how best to remove it, so it is almost or no longer visible.

Linah also gives various workshops for all kinds of occasions. She doesn’t shy away from anyone. She has an open-minded view on what constitutes a man and a woman and is not afraid to break these standards. She challenges people to express themselves and to be elegant! This is her starting point. So just like women, men are also welcome.

Cheviane (22) is completely focused on animals – dogs and horses specifically. She is often asked for help or advice by horse owners. This always starts with the owner because, when there’s a happy animal there’s a happy owner.

Cheviane and Balorig Brown (Bram)

All three – just like me – can hardly stand injustice, both to humans and to animals. They will always respond and intercede if they see this happening – even if it’s just making a phone call. With all this in mind, I’m such a happy person and a proud mother of all three of my girls.

Tina: Why is your relationship so special?

Monique: Just like in any family, the child’s growth from baby to school-aged, to teenager, to (young) adult is built on trial and error. We, as mother and daughters, have worked through some very traumatic events. But the journey has only made our mutual relationship stronger and close. We can talk about anything without shame. That’s how I raised my girls from an early age. I don’t always agree with them, but they always know they can come to me with their story, no matter what. Even if we don’t agree, we are always there for each other.

As human beings we are all individuals with our own personality. Our respect for each other is the most important thing. I also taught my daughters to follow their hearts and not rely on society or the people around them for what is expected of them. No one is better than another. One has different skills from another.

Now that all three girls are adults, I can also contact them, when necessary, with my own story – so they can give me their opinion or advice. Just because I’m their mother doesn’t mean I’m always right, because you’re never too old to learn “from young people, too.”

Tina: What’s the sweetest thing they’ve ever done for you, the most special? However, this can also be something they have done for someone else and that you think is really special and that characterizes them.

Monique: The most special thing my girls have ever done for me is that all three, from the very first moment I started my GSW projects and founded my foundation Growing Seeds Worldwide Foundation (GSWF), have shown their interest and support for my dream. In fact, they are now each involved in their own way and with their own skills.

Lendie, the eldest, brainstorms and sets up activities, coming up with incredible ideas, etc. Linah, the middle one, is our web designer and she also gives business advice where needed. Cheviane, the youngest, is our future vlogger, who will also continue to provide us with films and photos in the future. All three want me to make my dream and promise to my grandmother come true. They want me to realize it and to make something great out of it. In doing so, they provide me with tips and advice from their own perspective, especially when it comes to young people.

Isn’t it a blessing that I can do this together with my daughters, alongside everyone else who’s involved!

I am so very humbled to have such wonderful women as my daughters. I think we should lift our daughters, our children up and believe in them. We should cherish and be proud of what they can bring to the world in their own unique ways. I hope other Warrior Women will share about their children, too. It is not just our stories, but our children’s powerful stories that will help to change the world we live in. Our children are the future of our existence!


Monique Wijngaarde–Bekema, Growing Seeds Worldwide Foundation —
To get involved, please contact us through our information page at: http://growingseedsworldwide.com

Or email us at: info@growingseedsworldwide.com

Monique, Lendie and Linah

2 thoughts on “What I Love About My Daughters

  1. Thank you Maria…thank you sister for your awesome response. It’s us women, mothers and grandmothers who have to encourage our girls, daughters and granddaughters. Support them no matter what.. to lett them discover their own journey..and to lett them be who THEY want to be but guiding them as much as we can in the right direction on this journey and lett them know they are all beautiful, powerful and more than worthy in this world!

    Soso lobi always Moya 💖💞


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