A Creation of Diversity

“Every day practice giving just a little more of yourself to others. Extend just a little more tolerance for differences. Embrace just a little more compassion. Say the heartfelt things to someone in need, even if the words are hard to say. And soon you will have a new vision because the human heart longs for and was made for peace and love.”

~ Spirit Wind

Monique (Moya) Wijngaarde Bekema, is the Owner and Founder at Growing Seeds Worldwide Foundation, a nonprofit company – So many different flowers … What would Nature be like if they were all the same?

So many different trees… so many different birds… so many different clouds… It is this diversity that makes Nature so interesting and amazingly beautiful.

What if there were only one kind of flower, one kind of bird and one kind of person, all looking the same? How boring the world would be?

If we would care as much about each other’s diversity of skin colors, diversity of backgrounds, languages ​​and religions, as we do for ourselves, we could live in peace and happiness just like these beautiful and colorful flowers …

Only by accepting our differences can we ensure harmony and tranquility, because our true greatest human wealth is precisely that of our “DIVERSITY.”

Much love to you,


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